Dear Mrs Morgan

Congratulations on your new role. I hope you stay in it long enough to get a real grasp of the issues facing our schools and the young people in our care but I suspect that, come the general election, you will be moved to another post or in opposition. Just in case though, here are some thoughts about what I believe we should aim for...
Young people who go into school each day happy and excited about the opportunities offered to them. Boys and girls who are challenged to be the best they can be but who, most importantly, have respect for themselves and for others.

Teachers and support staff who are given the credit they deserve and who have the space, time and freedom to teach in a way that widens our young peoples’ understanding of the world rather than narrows their ambitions to a handful of meaningless grades. By the way, that does undermine the value of rigorous monitoring of teaching standards and the tracking of pupil progress.

A broad and creative curriculum that delivers the core subjects without marginalising music, art and sport. Budgets that truly recognise the additional costs involved in supporting those young people who need extra help to achieve their potential. 

School environments worthy of housing our young people not patched up, leaking, cold and uninspiring spaces where no cabinet minister would dream of working.

School-to-school support that is backed up by the funding it needs if it is to be as successful in replacing local education authority-led school improvement as it could be.

Above all though, be brave enough not to introduce a new initiative every five minutes.  Allow all of us involved in education to take a breath, reflect and do our young people justice. 

David Whelpton

Director - Broadgate Communications