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Dear Mrs Morgan

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Congratulations on your new role. I hope you stay in it long enough to get a real grasp of the issues facing our schools and the young people in our care but I suspect that, come the general election, you will be moved to another post or in opposition. Just in case though, here are some thoughts about what I believe we should aim for... Read Moremore info
Posted by broadgateuk | 17/07/2014

How was it for you?

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January and February are often sluggish months in terms of new business activity as the financial year stumbles towards a close, but the start of 2014 has been anything but for Broadgate Communications with a number of new business gains, some interesting alliances and promising signs of spring. Read Moremore info
Posted by broadgateuk | 21/02/2014

Our greed - our children’s need?

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I can’t help myself; the regular check on Zoopla to see how much the value of my home has increased in the last three months. The glee at that growth in asset, seemingly so disproportionate to any other means of income generation and with so little effort! And then... the dinner party where we all bemoan how difficult it is for young people to get on the housing ladder these days. Read Moremore info
Posted by broadgateuk | 15/11/2013


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Ian Peters, the managing director of residential energy at British Gas, commenting on the impending fuel increases made quite an astonishing statement. He said: "A price rise doesn't necessarily mean energy bills have to go up too. The amount you pay depends not on the price, but on how much gas and electricity you use." Read Moremore info
Posted by broadgateuk | 18/10/2013

Is there a gap in your communications?

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The communications gap is the space in which miscommunication, or a lack of communication, creates a negative impact on staff, resident satisfaction and organisational reputation. Read Moremore info
Posted by broadgateuk | 03/10/2013

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